Event Day

Preparing for Event Day is fairly simple:

1.) Have a car to compete with (preferably in working order).

2.) Visit MotorsportsReg.com to find and register for the next upcoming event. (Our Events page has a list of the upcoming season's races that will link to event registration on MotorsportsReg)

3.) Show up, sign Hollytree's waiver, and have fun!

RallyCross events usually occur over the course of a day, (some rare events may occur over two days). 

Once the event begins, it follows an 8 run format. Each competitor does 4 runs in the morning, we take a short break for lunch, then we return to 4 more runs in the opposite track direction from the morning. 

Each run of the day is timed and the driver from each class with the lowest cumulative times at the end of the event day gets a class victory!


RallyCross Rules

SCCA updates the RallyCross Rules yearly. Please visit their site to access the current rules. SCCA Rulebook 


To be able to compete you need to have a proper helmet. The site has a few loaner helmets but we cannot accommodate for everyone. If you are looking to get your own helmet make sure its certifications are up to date with current requirements. You can see those requirements here

Cone Penalties

Safety Cones are used on-track to indicate each turn. Hitting a cone incurs a Cone Penalty. Cone Penalties are calculated one of two ways. Two second time penalty will be given for any of the cone penalties shown above. Ten second time penalty will be given if you miss a gate.

Rallycross classes

Front Wheel

Rear Wheel

All Wheel




Tvr rallycross local classes

Mod Rear Truck

 TVR Rallycross has created a local Truck Modified class. Think of it as 'spec mini truck' class based on the modified class rules. This gives the opportunity for small trucks to have their own class that they can be competitive in. If your interested please click the button below to see the current rules. 

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